Fourteen Points OF Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA) 1. Form of the government should be federal with maximum powers resting with the provinces. 2. All provinces should be given equal autonomy. 3. Minorities should be given adequate representation in all provinces. Majority of any community, whatsoever, should not be reduced to minority in any province. 4. Muslims should be given at least one third representation in the federal legislature. 5. Principle of separate electorate should be maintained. 6. Any territorial redistribution, or change in the boundaries of the provinces should not affect Muslim majority in the Punjab, Bengal and the NWFP. 7. Minorities rights and religious and cultural freedoms should be safeguarded under the constitution. 8. A bill or resolution affecting a community should not be presented in any assembly if the concerned community opposes its introduction. 9. Sindh should be separated from Bombay presidency. 10. Like other provinces reforms should also be introduced in the NWFP and Balochistan provinces. 11. The constitution should provide adequate safeguards for the protection of Muslim culture and promotion of Muslim education, language,religion and civilization. 12. The Muslims should be given their due share in the civil services. 13. All ministries formed at provincial and central levels should include at least one third Muslim members. 14. The federation of India should not be entitled to amend the constitutional laws without the consent of the provincial units